The BEST barbecue “snack” ever… 🍒

I was probably about 18 years old when i first encountered these little gems – and I’ve been cooking them ever since… so what is the BEST barbecue snack ever…?

Streaky Bacon wrapped Cherries

These are as simple as they sound… All you need are some fresh (destoned) cherries – or glace cherries – and some good Streaky bacon.


  1. Cut the streaky bacon rashers in half
  2. Take a cherry, wrap the bacon around it and push onto a skewer
  3. Repeat!


Best cooked over hot coals (or smouldering wood embers), the key is to cook these slowly to allow the sugars in the cherries to caramelise. Don’t worry too much if they blacken a little (that’s a tech term for burn) – the sweetness of the cherries will counter the burnt bits.

Once the bacon is nicely crispy all round, allow the skewers to cool for a minute, then slide off the bacon / cherry combos with a fork.

I recommend leaving for a little while to cool a bit more as the cherries can hold the heat – and if eaten too soon off the grill can resemble a small parcel of lava in in mouth!


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