The Kadai Fire Bowl… and more! 🔥

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I’ve had many barbecues over the years (always charcoal I will add) – but they’ve never quite worked for me. And then I discovered Kadai Fire Bowls.

in 2017, I treated myself to a 80cm Recycled Kadai. These are a copy of the Original Kadai, made from recycled steel oil drums by the same caste of skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan.

I’ve not looked back!

Whilst in the process of purchasing, I was like a kid in a sweetshop… The choice of accessories was extensive to say the least – and I’ll be honest, I could have bought a shiny, new Smeg cooker for what I ended up spending but it has been worth it’s weight in gold.

So what’s so special about the Kadai Bowl?

First off it just holds heat so well – and because I bought the 80cm bowl, it’s so easy to light a small fire and have the option of direct, intense heat – or a lower warming heat all from the same grill.

One of the things that really appealed to me was the ability to cook over the fire – then throw a couple of logs on and sit around the fire after dinner. The Kadai is just perfect for this.

So what kit did I buy..?

  • 80cm recycled Kadai Firebowl
  • The Holi Grill – it’s a full size grill – but with a removable circular centre section which is perfect is when cooking with wood – or when you want to grill – and use a bowl
  • Cooking Tripod with Chain
  • Hanging Bowl
  • Swing Grill
  • Chapati Pan
  • Zhara Roasting Pan
  • Hot Plate
  • The Kadai Glove
  • Tongs
  • Kadai Firebowl Shovel

I’ll get around to explaining more about each of the bits over the next few weeks – and get some videos shot – but if you’re interested – have a look at the KADAI website

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  1. Patrick
    | Reply

    Ok i should have read this first. Now I am dreading going to their website.

    • Rob Crampton
      | Reply

      I’ll be posting more detailed info on what kit I use soon Pat! Will let you know!

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